The Matrix  -                                        Community Outreach Center
We are a faith based, non-profit 501c3 group of area churches and individuals with various non-profit agencies dedicated to meeting the needs of our community.
We offer a Boutique (that includes clothing and misc. items), Coffee Shop, Food Pantry, Cold Weather Shelter, Community Project Service and are a Clearing House of information to assist you with outside agencies.
Items donated and sold, funds given, and individuals volunteering their time all go toward the needs of our community represented by those who are hungry, homeless, jobless, and struggling families in need of help.
If you or someone you know is legitimately in need of help of any kind please call the number listed above.
All donations are tax deductible and volunteers are needed and welcome. If you as an individual or if you have a group that would be willing to participate in community outreach projects please call the number listed on this site for information on opportunities available.
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